• Maintaining a 98% work order completion rate for more than seven years, the Dare County Schools Facilities and Maintenance Department has done it again this year. Staff worked throughout the summer months to have major projects that can't be done during the year, completed before school started.

  • The focus is on supporting the needs of Dare County's staff and students.

  • A dedicated staff of 10 persons maintains over 1.2 million square feet of space at 10 schools and two office buildings. Responsibilities also include upkeep of 132 acres of grounds. This multitalented group provides support to Dare County Schools every day. Their work can be seen all over the district and has drawn praise and THANK YOUs from staff and students alike.

Facilities Director: Russ Gurganus, x 1913
252-480-8888  Admin Office, Nags Head
Maintenance Administrative Accountant: Barbara Fullam, x 3450
252-473-3580  Driftwood Drive, Manteo