First Flight Furniture has much support
First Flight Furniture Has Much Support
Posted on 07/09/2017
FF Furniture Featured on CurrentTV
First Flight High School Carpentry teacher Skip Saunders Advanced Studies class' final student presentations is the featured topic on CurrentTV - formerly GovEdTV.  The three teams of students just finished their furniture projects, and in their presentations, they spoke about the processes and challenges they faced while building their tables. They gave credit to mentor Larry Bray, who has come into the shop for the past three years to help guide the projects - that over their history have ranged from benches to beds to stools to different sorts of tables. Each team gave a shout out to the wood supplier, Somerton Ridge Hardwoods owners Chris and Carla Vickers. Saunders thanked Tom Holian for his donation of hardwood and for putting him in touch with the Vickers, as well as First Flight Rotary, whose generous donation benefitted the art program, Saunders' shop, and publications. Cami Romano's 3-D art students design the table concepts, then Saunders, his students and Bray vet and tweak the designs to come up with what they view as feasible to build. Steve Hanf's publications staff came on board with the furniture project when First Flight Rotary asked about including more segments of the school population beyond the carpentry and art classes. Publications students received a boom-mic to attach to camcorders when shooting video around the school as well as other equipment with grant funds provided by Rotary. Publications students have documented the process with photos -- from design to building to presentations-- that will be used in the fall to promote the finished products in advance of the silent auction, where one or more of the tables will be available. The students' presentation included a four-page paper and the class required a weekly reflective journal. This project began 2010 with an idea from former art teacher Jen Hamrock and a grant from the Dare Education Foundation. This project is self-sustainable in that each years' profit funds the next year's materials. Among the presentation audience were students' teachers and First Flight Rotary representatives Carl Classen and David Warner.

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