Retirees Celebrated
Honoring 281 Years of Service
Retirees Celebrated 

The careers of thirteen Dare County Schools employees were honored at the 13th Annual Retirement Dinner, held May 4 at Pamlico Jack’s.  The dinner followed a greeting by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Sue F. Burgess. Burgess thanked the Human Resources Department, led by Dr. John Donlan for making all the arrangements for the dinner and gifts of appreciation.

Burgess introduced Board of Education Chairman Bea Basnight, Vice-Chairman Margaret Lawler, and members Mary Ellon Ballance, Ben Sproul, Joe Tauber, David Twiddy, and Charlotte White; and representatives from Dare Education Foundation, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors Richard Martin and Executive Director Elisabeth Silverthorne. Burgess then welcomed the guests of honor  - who have a combined total of 281 years of service to students - and their guests.

After dinner, remarks were given by Burgess, Board of Education Chairman Bea Basnight, and Director of Human Resources John Donlan.  

Remarking on the careers of each was the supervisor of their retiree:

Cape Hatteras Elementary School Principal Sherry Couch for teacher Cathy Copes; Manteo Elementary School Principal Steve Blackstock for Media Assistant Priscilla Cahoon and teacher Cathy Hammill; First Flight Elementary School Principal Freda Ballard, for teacher Christine Lively, Manteo High School Principal John Luciano for teacher Mary Berry, Career Development Coordinator Rosie Rankin, and Coach Eddie Twyne; Manteo Middle School Principal Mary Anne Wetzel for speech and language pathologist Jackie Bunn; Kitty Hawk Elementary School Principal Dr. Greg Florence for custodian Pat Hamilton and teacher Linda Hutton; Nags Head Elementary School Principal Dr. Adrienne Palma for teacher assistant Jean Graham; and Chief Financial Officer Anna McGinnis for School Nutrition Director Carol Sykes, and Board Chairman Bea Basnight for Superintendent of Schools Dr. Sue Burgess.

The dinner was sponsored by the Board of Education and the Dare Education Foundation (DEF).

photo 2017 retirees

Dare County Schools Board of Education and Dare Education Foundation hosted a dinner to honor the district's 13 retirees on May 4 at Pamlico Jack's. All from left, upper - Priscilla Cahoon, Manteo Elementary; Superintendent of Schools Dr. Sue F. Burgess; Jean Graham, Nags Head Elementary; Linda Hutton, Kitty Hawk Elementary; Rosie Rankin, Manteo High School;  lower - Eddie Twyne, Manteo High School; Cathy Hammill, Manteo Elementary; School Nutrition Director Carol Sykes; Pat Hamilton, Kitty Hawk Elementary; Christine Lively, First Flight Elementary; Mary Berry, Manteo High School; Cathy Copes, Cape Hatteras Elementary; and Jackie Bunn, Manteo Middle School. Together they have served students and schools for 281 years.‚Äč