Virtual Reality - Shaking Up Instruction
Turning it up 

itty Hawk Elementary School Technology Facilitator Brian Wehner is working with a set of Virtual Reality (VR) goggles purchased by the district's Technology Director Carl Woody. First, they bring an exciting new technology into the classroom, and second, students who use them experience a "being there" that is key to instructional success. The set will travel to various schools throughout the year. Wehner will train other tech facilitators on their use.  It's a treat to just listen to students who are exploring areas like outer space and the Galapagos Islands for the first time using VR. Wehner told a story of a kindergartener who turned all red because he was holding his breath since he was underwater! Wehner gets a kick out of the students' reactions when switching screens and telling students "Don't look up!" (and naturally, everyone does) only to find a sea lion almost on top of them! "I feel like I'm ready to fall out of my world!," yelled one second grader. In a way, they sort of are. Instruction is changing as fast as technology - hang on!

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